Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry

Our children's ministry uses material written by Desiring God called Children Desiring God. The Children Desiring God curriculum is a God-centered, gospel-focused series of studies that is intentionally designed to help teach our children to treasure the infinite value of God. Our goal is to fuel spiritual desire by saturating our children in the Word of God, establishing them with a solid foundation of doctrine and truth. We want to impart to our children a big vision of God, who He is, and who they are in relation to Him. We want them biblically grounded, seeing God as the hero of every story, with a God-centered worldview and a faith that will hold them when the days of testing come. We want them to love the Lord their God with all their heart, and to delight in Him forever.

The following are current studies by age and grade level:
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18mos - 2.5 yr. - A Sure Foundation, Bible stories.

2.5 - 3 yr. - He Established a Testimony, Stories from the Old Testament.

4 - 5 yr. - He Established a Testimony, Stories from the Old Testament.

Kindergarten - Jesus what a Savior, A study of redemption.

1st | 2nd grade - The ABC's of God, A study of God's greatness.

3rd | 4th grade - In the Beginning, A study of redemptive history.

5th | 6th grade - How Majestic is your Name, A study of the character of God.

7th | 8th grade - Teach Me your Way, A study of the Sermon on the Mount.


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