At Faith Bible Church, we believe that all followers of Jesus Christ have the great privilege of serving and worshipping God through the ministry of the local church. We are called to make disciples of all nations, both locally and throughout the world. As a church, we exist to honor God by exalting Christ and the    sufficiency of His Word, equipping His people for growth, service, and the advancement of the Gospel. God has given us all we have; He has made us all we are. And He has called us to be good stewards of everything - our time, our talents, and our money—for His kingdom and His glory. 


Online Giving

For your convenience, FBC provides the ability to make a one-time or recurring online donation.      Whichever method you choose, we greatly appreciate your generosity.




Other ways to give                                                      

- Bill Pay

Have your regular offering deducted from your checking account, either automatically or prompted by you online. See your bank for details.

- Check

You can give by check during the worship service by placing your check in one of the offering          recepticles at the rear of the audtiorium.

- Cash

Cash gifts and offerings should only be given in the worship service and placed in one of the offering  recepticles at the rear of the auditorium.